Saturday, 3 March 2012

Sexual Identity Task

The video I have chosen is of the homosexual comedian Ross Mathews interviewing people at Twin Cities Pride Festival. I think its a really interesting video as it shows a well known, famous and proud homosexual man, Ross, interviewing everyday Americans who have come out to the gay pride festival to show how proud they are of there sexuality or that they are there supporting someone they knows sexuality. It is also good because it shows all types of people of different race and gender. The festival is also an interesting component of the video as its origins go back to 1972 when it started as a gay rights march through the city.

Overall I think the video is useful to gain an understanding of Lesbian and Gay identity in contemporary America as it shows that a lot of people are obviously proud of who they are. Of course this dosent reflect Americas view as a nation on the issue of gay rights but as America is such a large and diverse country there will always be differences of opinions.

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