Sunday, 11 March 2012

Religion Task; Pentecostalism

For the religion and identity task I chose to look at the Pentecostalism religion and I found this website:

This is a website called United Pentecostal Church International and it claims that it is one of the fastest growing church organisations in the US. Pentecostalism is a newer extremer version of Christianity which came be similar to Evangelicals in that they believe in the Bible in its original language. The preachers or pastors within this group are often extremely charismatic and many have made lots of money out of their skills. Here is an example;

Another main feature of this religion is the "vocal gifts" or as many people call it speaking in tongue. Pentecostals believe that the noise made when speaking in tongue as that of a language unlearned by humans, as the Bible claims happens on the Day of Pentecost (hence where the name comes from) or that is a heavenly language.

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