Sunday, 11 March 2012

American Faith: Religion and Identity

OMS Holiness Church of North America

The American faith group I have found is based in various states around North America. Surprisingly, the website has a majority of Asian elements such as a list of biographies from what seems to be Japanese users. The Biography page talks about how the church and their religion first came about.

From reading the biography page I noticed that the church first started in 1874, this page gives an introduction to the church by saying:
In 1874, three young Japanese men met at an American Congregational church in San Francisco. It was the dawn of Christianity among the Japanese people in the United States. The first Japanese church, called The Gospel Society, was organized in 1877 with the enthusiastic assistance of Caucasian-American church members who had led these Japanese to salvation through English study sessions.

On the left of the home page, there is information about the location of the church and also its history, eg when the number of members attending increased etc. Now, they actually have more churches in the Whole of America Including Hawaii.

What I like most about this website and the thing last I think determines American Identity is the testimonials page, this is the paramount area where people can share their thoughts and feelings with others of their same race. At the moment there is one from Kimura Ren. They also have a mission in the middle of the home page this says
Our mission is to plant and nurture thriving communities of faith and love who will share the Good News of Jesus Christ with all in their world, with an abiding call to reach people of Japanese ancestry.

What I like about that quote is that even though it is from one ethnicity, the website shows a diverse group of people in the pictures at the top of the page.

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