Sunday, 18 March 2012

Class Lines and Struggle in the USA

For this Blog, I have chosen a website called, 'White Trash: The construction of an American scape Goat'.

First I want to mention that the phrase 'white trash' is occasionally used among some American minorities as a insult or defense.

The main thing I noticed when I first looked at this site is that they say equality is America's Biggest failure but also its greatest accomplishment. This has a big impact in America in the sense that it tries to treat its citizens with equality and respect but it doesn't always turn out like that.

On the front page it has various links to different areas of the sites such as, the history of the each of the races. From the title, it sounds like white Americans are the way to making America a better place to live for everyone.

The website, somehow manages to describe Americans as illiterate and ignorant. its says that some people have educational advantages over others due to 'their class'. This is explained by the following quote:

Yet, the facts of poverty, illiteracy and ignorance are hard to ignore and the reality is that some people have advantages over other people depending on which family they are born into. Therefore, when wealthy people confront the poor a sense of guilt and superiority merge into the reactionary fear that has manifested itself as racism and classism through the centuries.

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