Sunday, 4 March 2012

Sexual Identity in America -Gay coming out day 2011

The video I have chosen in relation to Gay and Lesbian Identity in America is titled 'National Coming Out Day 2011'. First of all he says that National 'Coming Out day" in America is October 11.
This is a video blog by a YouTube user who is, gay himself. The whole video is expressing that "coming out" or "coming out of the closet" is nothing to be ashamed of- it is a day to celebrate who you are as a person. The guy in the video has reassuring tone of voice as well.
He says that the day is a day to come out to people and not to be forced to. He says it is for you to decide when you want to come out as Gay.

The guy in the video says that when he came out, it was a huge relief for him to do so.

Two things I especially like about the video is something that may not have any relation to the topic but when you watch the video, his t-shirt says "its get better", this could mean that once you come out to family and loved ones there is a huge weight lifted off you and you no longer have to worry about people judging you or especially having to keep it a secret.

The second thing I like about the video is how well the music fits it, the song is called "Proud' By Heather Small. The music represents how proud you should feel or be of who you are.

The main reason I have chosen to pick this video is because it shows you should be proud of who you are no matter what your sexuality is.

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